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Lipid Analysis

cartoonThese pages were created from a weekly literature search in the ISI Web of Science, followed by a highly subjective scan to select only those papers that appear to show some novelty in terms of lipid methodology. References are organized in separate web pages according to year. Those for the current year are updated at approximately monthly intervals, constituting a Current Awareness Service. Some publications cited here will be relevant to the "Lipid Essentials" listings below and vice versa. DOI links are included from 2014 onwards.

Current awareness - lipid analysis:   This month's references  - updated - November 2nd, 2022

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References dealing with mass spectrometry of fatty acid derivatives and grouped according to topic are available separately in the various sections of the Mass spectrometry pages in addition to the listings here.

Lipid Essentials

In addition, the following pages were created from a similar weekly literature search to select publications that might be helpful to me in updating the Lipid Essentials or Blog pages on this site. They are mainly review articles dealing with the chemistry, occurrence and biochemistry of lipids. References are organized and displayed in web pages by year as above. Please note that I can only select references from journals to which I have direct access, or will have access after a period specified by the journal, although friends and authors have been helpful in supplying some pdf files. For the same reason, I am unlikely to cite chapters in books.

Current awareness - lipid essentials:    This month's references  - updated- November 2nd, 2022

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