LIPID MAPS Annual Meeting 2015:
Lipidomics Impact on Cancer, Metabolic, and Inflammatory Diseases (12th annual meeting)
May 12-13, 2015, La Jolla, CA

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Meeting Overview

This is an exciting time for the emerging field of lipidomics. With the development and evolution of sophisticated mass spectrometers linked to highly efficient liquid chromatography systems, individual molecular species of lipids can now be isolated and identified, allowing us to begin to understand lipid metabolism and the treatment of lipid-based diseases (such as atherosclerosis and inflammatory disease as well as arthritis, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease). Recent awareness that each category of lipid consists of thousands if not tens of thousands of individual molecular species requires sophisticated informatics to ensure consistent databasing and annotation of the numerous lipid molecular species and analysis of tremendous quantities of experimental data. The goal of this meeting is to bring together biological and biomedical scientists in a wide range of fields to share new findings and methods in the broader lipidomics field and to explore joint efforts to extend the use of these powerful new methods to new applications. Presentations will provide an excellent introduction for scientists new to these methods, and are sure to be of interest to lipidomics veterans who wish to learn about the latest techniques and research results.

The meeting program tentatively features the following sessions:

  • Metabolomics
  • Lipidomics of Cancer
  • Lipidomics and Metabolic Disease
  • Eicosanoids and the Inflammatory Response
  • Lipid Interactions with Membrane Proteins
  • Lipids and Immunity

Poster sessions will take place on both days of the meeting. The poster abstract deadline is April 3, 2015. The reception and dinner Tuesday evening (included in the registration fee) are an opportunity for stimulating discussion and networking. Please register as soon as possible, as space is limited and registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. The early registration deadline is April 3, 2015. We look forward to seeing you at this exciting meeting!


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Important dates

April 3, 2015 - Early registration deadline
April 3, 2015 - Poster abstract deadline
April 10, 2015 - Hotel reservation deadline
April 28, 2015 - Registration cancellation deadline
May 12-13, 2015 - Meeting dates

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