LIPID MAPS® reaction explorer

LIPID MAPS® is developing a reaction explorer to visualise and obtain information on biochemical reactions and metabolic pathways involving lipids.

Our lipid reactions database is linked to the LIPID MAPS® Structure Database (LMSD) enabling pages for specific lipids to display the reactions in which they might take part. It includes details of the enzymatic reaction (with Enzyme Commission numbers) and cross references to the source(s) from which the data were obtained. The non-lipid compounds involved in the reactions (like water, choline, ATP) are also described. Lipid reactions come from a variety of sources including scientific literature, lipid research community and other existing databases such as Rhea, WikiPathways, KEGG, Ecocyc and MetaCyc.

reaction explorer

In the reaction explorer you can visualise and navigate through the complex network of lipid reactions. You can see the reactant and product details for each reaction, and can use the filtering tools to quickly find relevant reactions for your lipid class of interest. You can link through to the main LMSD lipid database for the complete information about each lipid, and you can export networks of reactions or tables of results for use in analyses, presentations or publications.