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Lipid Classification System

The LIPID MAPS® Lipid Classification System is comprised of eight lipid categories, each with its own subclassification hierarchy. All lipids in the LIPID MAPS® Structure Database (LMSD) have been classified using this system and have been assigned LIPID MAPS® ID's (LM_ID) which reflects their position in the classification hierarchy. LMSD can be searched by lipid class, common name, systematic name or synonym, mass, InChIKey or LIPID MAPS® ID with the search box in the banner, or alternatively, by LIPID MAPS® ID, systematic or common name, mass, formula, category, main class, subclass data, or structure or sub-structure with one of the search interfaces in the LMSD database section. Each LMSD record contains an image of the molecular structure, common and systematic names, links to external databases, Wikipedia pages (where available), other annotations and links to structure viewing tools. In addition to LMSD search interfaces, you can drill down through the classification hierarchy below to the LMSD record for an individual lipid.

Classification Updates (updated on March 20th, 2017)
Lipid - wikipedia page

Lipid Categories

Prenol Lipids [PR]
Isoprenoids [PR01]
C5 isoprenoids (hemiterpenes) [PR0101]
C10 isoprenoids (monoterpenes) [PR0102]
Acyclic monoterpenoids [PR010201]
Irregular acyclic monoterpenoids [PR010202]
Halogenated dimethyloctane monoterpenoids [PR010203]
Ochtodane monoterpenoids [PR010204]
Ethyl,dimethylcyclohexane monoterpenoids [PR010205]
Cyclopropane and cyclobutane monoterpenoids [PR010206]
Iridoid, 10-alkyliridoid and secoiridoid monoterpenoids [PR010207]
Other cyclopentane monoterpenoids [PR010208]
Menthane monoterpenoids [PR010209]
Other cyclohexane monoterpenoids [PR010210]
Cycloheptane monoterpenoids [PR010211]
Bicyclic monoterpenoids [PR010212]
Tricyclic monoterpenoids [PR010213]
Other monoterpenoids [PR010214]
C15 isoprenoids (sesquiterpenes) [PR0103]
Acyclic farnesane sesquiterpenoids [PR010301]
Furanoid farnesane sesquiterpenoids [PR010302]
Irregular acyclic sesquiterpenoids [PR010303]
Cyclobutane and cyclopentane sesquiterpenoids [PR010304]
Cyclofarnesane sesquiterpenoids [PR010305]
Bisabolane sesquiterpenoids [PR010306]
Cyclobisabolane sesquiterpenoids [PR010307]
Elemane sesquiterpenoids [PR010308]
Germacrane sesquiterpenoids [PR010309]
Lepidozanes and bicyclogermacrane sesquiterpenoids [PR010310]
Humulane sesquiterpenoids [PR010311]
Caryophyllane sesquiterpenoids [PR010312]
Bicyclohumulane sesquiterpenoids [PR010313]
Cuparane sesquiterpenoids [PR010314]
Cyclolaurane sesquiterpenoids [PR010315]
Herbertane sesquiterpenoids [PR010316]
Laurane sesquiterpenoids [PR010317]
Trichothecane sesquiterpenoids [PR010318]
Eudesmane sesquiterpenoids [PR010319]
Emmotin sesquiterpenoids [PR010320]
Oppositane sesquiterpenoids [PR010321]
Farfugin sesquiterpenoids [PR010322]
Cycloeudesmane sesquiterpenoids [PR010323]
Gorgonane sesquiterpenoids [PR010324]
Eremophilane sesquiterpenoids [PR010325]
Chiloscyphane sesquiterpenoids [PR010326]
Aristolane sesquiterpenoids [PR010327]
Nardosinane sesquiterpenoids [PR010328]
Brasilane sesquiterpenoids [PR010329]
Cacalol sesquiterpenoids [PR010330]
Valerane sesquiterpenoids [PR010331]
Rearranged eudesmane sesquiterpenoids [PR010332]
Cadinane sesquiterpenoids [PR010333]
Alliacane sesquiterpenoids [PR010334]
Oplopane sesquiterpenoids [PR010335]
Mutisianthol sesquiterpenoids [PR010336]
Drimane sesquiterpenoids [PR010337]
Coloratane sesquiterpenoids [PR010338]
Xanthane sesquiterpenoids [PR010339]
Carabrane sesquiterpenoids [PR010340]
Guaiane sesquiterpenoids [PR010341]
Pseudoguaiane sesquiterpenoids [PR010342]
Aromadendrane sesquiterpenoids [PR010343]
Cubebane and ivaxillarane sesquiterpenoids [PR010344]
Patchoulane sesquiterpenoids [PR010345]
Valerenane sesquiterpenoids [PR010346]
Africanane sesquiterpenoids [PR010347]
Lippifoliane and himachalane sesquiterpenoids [PR010348]
Longipinane sesquiterpenoids [PR010349]
Longifolane sesquiterpenoids [PR010350]
Longibornane sesquiterpenoids [PR010351]
Pinguisane sesquiterpenoids [PR010352]
Thapsane and fukinane sesquiterpenoids [PR010353]
Picrotoxane sesquiterpenoids [PR010354]
Daucane sesquiterpenoids [PR010355]
Isodaucane sesquiterpenoids [PR010356]
Perforane and pacifigorgiane sesquiterpenoids [PR010357]
Asteriscane sesquiterpenoids [PR010358]
Illudane and protoilludane sesquiterpenoids [PR010359]
Sterpurane sesquiterpenoids [PR010360]
Illudalane sesquiterpenoids [PR010361]
Isolactarane, merulane, lactarane and marasmane sesquiterpenoids [PR010362]
Furodysin and furodysinin sesquiterpenoids [PR010363]
Botrydial sesquiterpenoids [PR010364]
Spirovetivane sesquiterpenoids [PR010365]
Acorane sesquiterpenoids [PR010366]
Chamigrane sesquiterpenoids [PR010367]
Spirosesquiterpenoids [PR010368]
Cedrane and isocedrane sesquiterpenoids [PR010369]
Zizaane and prezizaane sesquiterpenoids [PR010370]
Clovane sesquiterpenoids [PR010371]
Precapnellane and capnellane sesquiterpenoids [PR010372]
Hirsutane and rearranged hisutane sesquiterpenoids [PR010373]
Pentalenane sesquiterpenoids [PR010374]
Silphinane, silphiperfoliane and presilphiperfoliane sesquiterpenoids [PR010375]
Isocomane sesquiterpenoids [PR010376]
Panasinsane sesquiterpenoids [PR010377]
Modhephane sesquiterpenoids [PR010378]
Quadrane sesquiterpenoids [PR010379]
Campherenane and santalane sesquiterpenoids [PR010380]
Sativane sesquiterpenoids [PR010381]
Copacamphane and sinularane sesquiterpenoids [PR010382]
Copaane sesquiterpenoids [PR010383]
Ishwarane sesquiterpenoids [PR010384]
Rotundane sesquiterpenoids [PR010385]
Thujopsane sesquiterpenoids [PR010386]
Bourbonane sesquiterpenoids [PR010387]
Gymnomitrane sesquiterpenoids [PR010388]
Other sesquiterpenoids [PR010389]
C20 isoprenoids (diterpenes) [PR0104]
Acyclic diterpenoids [PR010401]
Prenylbisabolane and cyclophytane diterpenoids [PR010402]
Labdane and halimane diterpenoids [PR010403]
Colensane and clerodane diterpenoids [PR010404]
Abietane diterpenoids [PR010405]
Cycloaibetiane and Abeoabietaine diterpenoids [PR010406]
Totarane and nagilactone diterpenoids [PR010407]
Pimarane diterpenoids [PR010408]
Cassane and vouacapane diterpenoids [PR010409]
Cleistanthane and isocleistanthane diterpenoids [PR010410]
Isocopalane and spongiane diterpenoids [PR010411]
Podocarpane diterpenoids [PR010412]
Kaurane and phyllocladane diterpenoids [PR010413]
Beyerane diterpenoids [PR010414]
Villanovane, atisane, trachylobane and helvifulvane diterpenoids [PR010415]
Aphidicolane diterpenoids [PR010416]
Gibberellins [PR010417]
Leucothol and grayanotoxane diterpenoids [PR010418]
Cembrane diterpenoids [PR010419]
Rearranged cembrane diterpenoids [PR010420]
Eunicellane and asbestinane diterpenoids [PR010421]
Sphaerane diterpenoids [PR010422]
Briarane diterpenoids [PR010423]
Dolabellane and modified dolabellane diterpenoids [PR010424]
Dolastane and modified dolastane diterpenoids [PR010425]
Cyathane diterpenoids [PR010426]
Sphaeroane diterpenoids [PR010427]
Verrucosane and modified verrucosane diterpenoids [PR010428]
Casbane diterpenoids [PR010429]
Jatrophane and cyclojatrophane diterpenoids [PR010430]
Lathyrane diterpenoids [PR010431]
Rhamnofolane and daphnane diterpenoids [PR010432]
Tigliane and ingenane diterpenoids [PR010433]
Jatropholane and secojatropholane diterpenoids [PR010434]
Fusicoccane diterpenoids [PR010435]
Valparane and mulinane diterpenoids [PR010436]
Spatane diterpenoids [PR010437]
Verticillane diterpenoids [PR010438]
Taxane and Abeotaxane diterpenoids [PR010439]
Trinervitane and kempane diterpenoids [PR010440]
Amphilectane, cycloamphilectane, adociane and neoamphilectane diterpenoids [PR010441]
Xenicane and xeniaphyllane diterpenoids [PR010442]
Viscidane diterpenoids [PR010443]
Eremane diterpenoids [PR010444]
Prenyleudesmane, prenylgermacrane and prenylbicyclogermacrane diterpenoids [PR010445]
Lobane diterpenoids [PR010446]
Pachydictyane and cneorubin diterpenoids [PR010447]
Serrulatane and biflorane diterpenoids [PR010448]
Decipiane diterpenoids [PR010449]
Sacculatane diterpenoids [PR010450]
Obtusane diterpenoids [PR010451]
Irieol diterpenoids [PR010452]
Sphenolobane diterpenoids [PR010453]
Ginkgolides and Bilobalides [PR010454]
Other diterpenoids [PR010455]
C25 isoprenoids (sesterterpenes) [PR0105]
Acyclic sesterterpenoids [PR010501]
Cyclohexane sesterterpenoids [PR010502]
Cericerane sesterterpenoids [PR010503]
Bicyclic sesterterpenoids [PR010504]
Cheilanthane and ophiobolane sesterterpenoids [PR010505]
Scalarane sesterterpenoids [PR010506]
Other sesterterpenoids [PR010507]
C30 isoprenoids (triterpenes) [PR0106]
Acyclic triterpenoids [PR010601]
Cyclohexane triterpenoids [PR010602]
Botryococcene triterpenoids [PR010603]
Prostostane and fusidane triterpenoids [PR010604]
Lanostane triterpenoids [PR010605]
Cycloartane triterpenoids [PR010606]
Cucurbitane triterpenoids [PR010607]
Dammarane triterpenoids [PR010608]
Tirucallane/euphane triterpenoids [PR010609]
Apotirucallane triterpenoids [PR010610]
Nortriterpenoids [PR010611]
Quassinoid nortriterpenoids [PR010612]
Baccharane triterpenoids [PR010613]
Lupane triterpenoids [PR010614]
Oleanane triterpenoids [PR010615]
Taraxerane, multiflorane, glutinane and friedelane triterpenoids [PR010616]
Pachysanane triterpenoids [PR010617]
Taraxastane, ursane and bauerane triterpenoids [PR010618]
Hopane triterpenoids [PR010619]
Neohopane, fernane, adianane and filicane triterpenoids [PR010620]
Arborinane and stictane triterpenoids [PR010621]
Gammacerane triterpenoids [PR010622]
Serratane and onocerane triterpenoids [PR010623]
Polypodane, malabaricane and podiodane triterpenoids [PR010624]
Other triterpenoids [PR010625]
C40 isoprenoids (tetraterpenes) [PR0107]
Polyterpenes [PR0108]
Retinoids [PR0109]
Quinones and hydroquinones [PR02]
Ubiquinones [PR0201]
Vitamin E [PR0202]
Vitamin K [PR0203]
Polyprenols [PR03]
Bactoprenols [PR0301]
Bactoprenol monophosphates [PR0302]
Bactoprenol diphosphates [PR0303]
Phytoprenols [PR0304]
Phytoprenol monophosphates [PR0305]
Phytoprenol diphosphates [PR0306]
Dolichols [PR0307]
Dolichol monophosphates [PR0308]
Dolichol diphosphates [PR0309]
Hopanoids [PR04]
Other Prenol lipids [PR00]