LIPID MAPS Structure Database (LMSD) lipid structure submission forms

The Bioinformatics core of the LIPID MAPS Consortium has the responsibility for registration of new lipid structures and assignment of LM_ID identifiers. Individuals who wish to deposit novel structures in the LIPID MAPS structure database (LMSD) may do so via our web-based registration system using the link below. This enables users to enter lipid structures and accompanying names, synonyms, references, and classification information. During the submission process, structures are validated for uniqueness using a search on the current database. The submitted structures are stored in a private, temporary database where they are reviewed by LIPID MAPS bioinformatics staff prior to being classified, checked for correct nomenclature, and registered in the public LMSD.
Questions regarding the submission of structures should be directed to

LMSD structure registration form*

* utilizes Ketcher structure-drawing tool, which requires a Javascript-enabled web browser

View procedure for lipid structure validation and registration.