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LM IDLMGP12010046
Common NameCL(1'-[16:0/18:0],3'-[16:0/18:2(9Z,12Z)])
Systematic Name1'-[1-hexadecanoyl-2-octadecanoyl-sn-glycero-3-phospho],3'-[1-hexadecanoyl-2-
SynonymsCL(68:2); CL(16:0_16:0_18:0_18:2)
Exact Mass
1405.0035 (neutral)    Calculate m/z:
CategoryGlycerophospholipids [GP]
Main ClassGlycerophosphoglycerophosphoglycerols [GP12]
Sub ClassDiacylglycerophosphoglycerophosphodiradylglycerols [GP1201]
AbbrevCL 68:2
Abbrev ChainsCL 16:0_16:0_18:0_18:2
PubChem CID118701839
InChIKeyIJYQJXNVTVOMFZ-UNQSQVSWSA-N  Show lipids differing only in stereochemistry/bond geometry
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StatusActive (generated by computational methods)
Calculated physicochemical properties (?):
 Heavy Atoms96Rings0Aromatic Rings0Rotatable Bonds80
 van der Waals
Molecular Volume
1513.91Topological Polar
Surface Area
Bond Donors
Bond Acceptors
LIPID MAPS® abbreviations for glycerophospholipids (GP)

The LIPID MAPS® glycerophospholipid abbreviations (PC, PE, etc.) are used here to refer to species with one or two radyl side-chains where the structures of the side chains are indicated within parentheses in the 'Headgroup(sn1/sn2)' format (e.g. PC(16:0/18:1(9Z)). By default, R stereochemistry at the C-2 carbon of glycerol and attachment of the headgroup at the sn3 position is assumed. Also, acyl chains are assumed by default. The 'O-' prefix is used to indicate the presence of an alkyl ether substituent e.g. PC(O-16:0/18:1(9Z)), whereas the 'P-' prefix is used for the 1Z-alkenyl ether (Plasmalogen) substituent e.g. PC(P-16:0/18:1(9Z)).

For molecules with opposite (S) stereochemistry at C2 of the glycerol group and attachment of the headgroup at the sn1 position, the stereochemistry specification of [S] is appended to the abbreviation. The 'Headgroup(sn3/sn2)' abbreviation format is used.

For molecules with unknown stereochemistry at the C-2 carbon of the glycerol group, the stereochemistry specification of [U] is appended to the abbreviation and the structure is drawn with C-2 stereochemistry unspecified.