LIPID MAPS mass spectrometry combinatorial expansion package


LIPID MAPS mass spectrometry combinatorial expansion package contains a set of PHP scripts to generate datasets contining species name, m/z and molecular formula for some of the main lipid categories.


1. A working installation of PHP (either Unix/Windows/Mac) is required. See for installation instructions.
2. Unzip the file file (below) and place the directory LM_expand on a computer with a PHP installation. The directory contains 4 exectable scripts (GL_expand.php, GP_expand.php, CL_expand.php, SP_expand.php) and 2 include files (ioncalc.php, ioncalc2.php) which must reside in the same directory as the exectable scripts.
3. The executable scripts are run from the command-line, e.g: /usr/local/bin/php GL_expand.php (Unix) or C:\PHP5\php.exe GL_expand.php (Windows). The path to the PHP executable will vary depending on the installation and configuration for that particular computer.



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