Mass (m/z) calculation tools for lipid classes

Calculate the m/z value for a lipid ion of interest by choosing functional groups and ion type from the menu options below.
Structures and isotopic distribution profiles (formula hyperlink) are displayed on the results page along with the exact mass and molecular formula.

Note:Chains containing double bonds and/or functional groups with defined regiochemistry, geometry and stereochemistry are meant to serve as examples
for structure-drawing purposes. In many cases there may be alternative isobaric structures.
Fatty acids
Ion Acid Ester

Wax esters
Ion Alcohol Acid

Acyl carnitines
Ion Acyl chain

CoA esters
Ion Acyl chain

Ion sn1 sn2 sn3

Ion Headgroup sn1 sn2

Ion sn1(1') sn2(1')
    sn1(3') sn2(3')

Ion Headgroup Sphingoid base N-acyl

Cholesteryl esters
Ion Acyl chain