Commonly occurring product ions for PC(2:0/0:0) (View full structure)

m/zIon DescriptionStructure (click to enlarge)
299.1139Precursor ion [M+]-
284.0905Loss of CH3 and from precursor ion
242.0799Loss of sn1 acyl chain as ketene (RCH=C=O), CH3 and from precursor ion
224.0693Glycerophosphocholine with loss of CH3 and H2O
224.0693Neutral loss of sn1 RCOOH group, loss of CH3 and from precursor ion
213.0170Loss of choline and from precursor ion
168.0431Phosphocholine with loss of CH3
152.9958Glycerol-3-phosphate ion with loss of H2O
96.9696H2PO4- ion (from phosphate)
78.9591PO3- ion (from phosphate)
59.0139sn1 RCOO- ion
Note: Structures of product ions may represent one of a number of possible isobaric molecules in some cases