Abbreviations of functional groups/side chains and carbohydrate structures acc. to IUPAC hierarchy

Functional group/side chain Abbreviation
alkyne (triple bond) Y
ethyl branch Et
methyl branch Me
bromo Br
chloro Cl
fluoro F
iodo I
nitro NO2
epoxy Ep
peroxy OO
methoxy OMe
alkoxy (ether) oxy
amino NH2
hydroperoxy OOH
sulfanyl SH
hydroxy OH
oxo (keto/aldehyde; depending on position) oxo
cyano CN
phosphate P
sulfate S
carboxylic acid COOH
glycine G
taurine T
Carbohydrate structures Abbreviation
Hexose Hex
Galactose Gal
Glucose Glc
Mannose Man
Neuraminic acid Neu
Sialic acid Sia
N-acetyl hexosamine HexNAc
N-acetyl galactosamine GalNAc
N-acetyl glucosamine GlcNAc
N-acetyl neuraminic acid NeuAc
N-glycolylneuraminic acid NeuGc
Keto-deoxy-glycero-galacto-nononic acid Kdn
Glucuronic acid GlcA
Xylose Xyl
Fucose Fuc