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* CCS/z: collision cross section (A2) divided by charge (z)    SD: standard deviation
LM_ID Name m/z Species Charge CCS/z (SD)* Data source DOI
LMPK06000004Nystatin A1926.5113[M+H]+1302.6 (0.351)McLean/AB10.1039/C8SC04396E
LMPK06000004Nystatin A1926.5113[M+H]+1314.42 (0.419)McLean/AB10.1039/C8SC04396E
LMPK06000004Nystatin A1908.5007[M+H-H2O]+1302.21 (0.329)McLean/AB10.1039/C8SC04396E
LMPK06000004Nystatin A1964.4672[M+K]+1305.97 (0.364)McLean/AB10.1039/C8SC04396E
LMPK06000004Nystatin A1948.4932[M+Na]+1308.53 (0.362)McLean/AB10.1039/C8SC04396E