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Fatty Acyls [FA] (W) --> Fatty Acids and Conjugates [FA01]--> Thia fatty acids [FA0113]
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LM_IDCommon NameSystematic NameFormulaMass
LMFA01130001Lipoic acid (W)1,2-dithiolane-3R-pentanoic acidC8H14O2S2206.0435
LMFA011300022-mercapto-octadecanoic acid2-mercapto-octadecanoic acidC18H36O2S316.2436
LMFA01130003(S)-dihydrolipoic acid (W)6S,8-dimercapto-octanoic acidC8H16O2S2208.0592
LMFA011300063-methyl-thiopropionic acid3-(methyl-sulfanyl)-propanoic acidC4H8O2S120.0245