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LM IDLMGL02050005
Common Name13,16-Dimethyl octacosanedioic acid
Systematic Name13,16-Dimethyl octacosanedioic acid
Synonymsiso-diabolic acid; GDGTs
Exact Mass
992.9711 (neutral)    Calculate m/z:
CategoryGlycerolipids [GL]
Main ClassDiradylglycerols [GL02]
Sub ClassDi-glycerol tetraethers [GL0205]
PubChem CID138454234
InChIKeyMXAGKCUTIVBSSL-CAMGLRMNSA-N  Show lipids differing only in stereochemistry/bond geometry
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ReferencesAn overview of the occurrence of ether- and ester-linked iso-diabolic acid membrane lipids in microbial cultures of the Acidobacteria: Implications for brGDGT paleoproxies for temperature and pH. Jaap S. Sinninghe Damsté, W. Irene C. Rijpstra, Bärbel U. Foesel, Katharina J. Huber, Jörg Overmann, Satoshi Nakagawa Joong, Jae Kimf, Peter F. Dunfield, Svetlana N. Dedysh, and Laura Villanueva. Organic Geochemistry. Volume 124, October 2018, pp. 63-76.
Calculated physicochemical properties (?):
 Heavy Atoms70Rings1Aromatic Rings0Rotatable Bonds2
 van der Waals
Molecular Volume
1156.14Topological Polar
Surface Area
Bond Donors
Bond Acceptors
LIPID MAPS® abbreviations for glycerolipids (GL)

The LIPID MAPS® glycerolipid abbreviations (MG,DG,TG) are used here to refer to species with one, two or three radyl side-chains, respectively, where the structures of the side chains are indicated within parentheses in the 'Prefix(sn1/sn2/sn3)' format (e.g. TG(16:0/18:1(9Z)/18:0). Acyl chains are assumed by default. The alkyl ether linkage is represented by the 'O-' prefix, e.g. DG(O-16:0/18:1(9Z)/0:0), whereas the 1Z-alkenyl ether (Plasmalogen) linkage is represented by the 'P-' prefix, e.g. and DG(P-14:0/18:1(9Z)/0:0).

For Diradylglycerols and Triradylglycerols, it is not always possible to experimentally determine the exact position of radyl groups on the glycerol group. For Diradylglycerols with two different radyl groups, two different structural isomers exist. For Triradylglycerols with three different radyl groups, six different isomers exist.

Instead of drawing all possible structural isomers explicitly for Diradylglycerols and Triradylglycerols, the LIPID MAPS® abbreviation scheme supports the isomeric specification. A suffix containing 'iso' along with the number of possible isomers is appended to the abbreviation (e.g. [iso2],[iso6]) and a single unique LM_ID is assigned. The structure assigned to the LM_ID corresponds to the radyl substitution shown in the abbreviation. An option is provided to display the other isomers in the group.

The [rac] designation refers to racemic mixtures due to substitution at the sn1 and sn3 positions of glycerol.