LIPID MAPS outreach

External collaborations

  • Lipid Structures Application at ScienceDirect - identifies lipids in online articles and provides links to LIPID MAPS annotations.
  • LIPID MAPS lipid pathways at NCBI Biosystems - constructed based on LIPID MAPS experimental data and information extracted from scientific literature.
  • LIPID MAPS lipid structures at PubChem - LIPID MAPS regularly deposits structure in PubChem, where they are assigned a PubChem ID.

LIPID MAPS Presentations

As part of our outreach effort, members of the LIPID MAPS Consortium provide workshops, demonstrations, discussion sessions, and poster presentations at relevant conferences. If you would like to inquire about arranging for LIPID MAPS participation in your upcoming event, please contact us.

logo LIPID MAPS® is funded by a grant from the Wellcome Trust.