Bioinformatics tools

  • LIPID MAPS MS Prediction Tool
    The LIPID MAPS MS Prediction Tool is a standalone Windows application for predicting possible molecular species for a given MS ion.
    • MS Prediction Tutorial - examples of how to use the tool to predict possible glycerophospholipid structure. A help interface is also included in the application.
  • LIPID MAPS tools package
    The LIPID MAPS tools package is a set of command line Perl scripts to generate SD files containing structure and ontological data for various lipid categories
  • LIPID MAPS Pathway Editor
    The LIPID MAPS Pathway Editor is a program for managing, visualizing, and editing signaling and metabolic pathways.
    • Pathway Editor tutorial - an overview of Pathway Editor features, including how to start the Pathway Editor, access LIPID MAPS pathways and display LIPID MAPS and user-provided experimental data, create pathways from scratch, and edit and save pathway files and images. Instructions for working with SBML and BioPAX formats are also provided.
logo LIPID MAPS® is funded by a grant from the Wellcome Trust.