LIPID MAPS® Highlights — February, 2019
Instructional Videos — Introduction to Lipids by Edward A. Dennis

These instructional videos, now available via YouTube, were prepared for students in the UCSD School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences by Professor Edward A. Dennis, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, University of California, San Diego. The videos cover:

  • Fats and Energy Metabolism
  • Lipoprotein Structure and Receptor Function
  • Cholesterol Regulation and Homeostasis
  • Bioenergetics and Mitochondrial Functioning
  • Specialized Lipids and Disease
Lipidomics Studies
Mass Spectrometry
Instructional Videos from
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Dr. Robert Murphy
provided courtesy of
Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc.
Bill Christie
Lipid Matters
A Personal Blog by Bill Christie
February 20th 2019

There is a new record for the most highly unsaturated natural fatty acid from a conventional source…

Lipid of the Month
February, 2019

R-(-)-Linalool is a prenol lipid found naturally in many flowers and spices. Prenol lipids are known as terpenoids which are one of the largest groups of naturally occurring compounds synthesised by plants (1,3). (-)-Linalool is one of the major …

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